Calgary Qi Gong Workshop

Workshop 1 -The Dan Tien and Bubbling Springs (Sat/Sun September 23/24, 2023)

Workshop 2 – Wu Chi and Chong Mai (Sat/Sun November 18/19, 2023)

Workshop 3 – Fire and Water (Sat/Sun February 3/4, 2024)

Workshop 4 – The 3 Treasures and the 8 Chi Gates (Sat/Sun March 16/17, 2024)

All workshops 10am-5pm at Body Intelligence Group Room, Suite 209, 264 Midpark Way SE, Calgary

You can attend any workshop or take the whole series (10% discount)

Price $300 (($100 deposit) per workshop

To book contact

What you get from the workshops: guided instruction into a variety of Chi Kung forms, presentations explaining the Chi Kung paradigm, an invitation to a dropbox of videos and meditations for each workshop, and a handout. Also a 15% discount off the price of the Online Biodynamic Chi Kung Course (link)