Online Courses in Biodynamic Chi Kung

Biodynamic Chi Kung is a progressive approach to Chi Kung that incorporates classic styles and philosophies with modern body-mind and energy concepts. The approach explores body and Chi awareness as a way to deepen into our internal Chi flow through movement, stillness, meditation, and breath. A creative space is sought to allow our essential nature to express itself and bring about transformation. The approach emphasizes the five elements as the foundations of Chi Kung.

Your own Chi – An exciting voyage of discovery

Online learning through video presentations, videos on over 100 forms, comments on the forms, and guided meditations all from an expert in the field. Try Module 0 free of charge before signing up for the full course.

About the Course

The course is for anyone interested in learning about their Chi body in both a factual and experiential way. The course will explore embodiment through feeling and sensing as well as taking in information. The experiential work is designed to give you a sensory perception of you own body through felt sense and develop a relationship to Chi flow.

Check out the free introduction to this exciting online course. There are three main modules with each offering a thorough look into how that aspect of your Chi body works. Each unit has a commentary to further explain the theory and practice. Video presentations explaining important aspects of Chi Kung theory, meditations and  over 100 video forms.  You can work your way through the program at your own pace. There is also an online forum for any questions or queries.  You get a lifetime membership to all the course content so you can keep referring back to it and refreshing on the forms.

Teach Chi Kung to Other People

The course offers three levels of proficiency and a final module on how to become a teacher of Biodynamic Chi Kung and joining a register of teachers.

What is Chi Kung

Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese form of movement exercise that promotes the flow of Chi (vital energy) through the body. It translates as ‘energy work’ in English and comprises exercises for stretching and mobilizing the body and joints, breathing techniques, slow movement exercises, static postures, special walking methods and meditation. With time and dedicated practice an easy and effortless quality emerges.

Chi is the body’s vital energy which Chi Kung builds up to establish a physiological and psychological harmony. Most of the theory behind Chi Kung is common to Chinese Medicine with which it has a traditional link. Chi Kung is also associated with Taoist and Buddhist philosophies and practices, particularly Taoist.

Chi Kung generally does not have complex ‘forms’. Chi Kung movements are simple. Each action aims to move Chi in a specific way. The movements often take their inspiration from the movement of animals and nature and can look quite beautiful. Sometimes the movements follow energy channels in the body and sometimes they orient around internal organs or parts of the body. The aim in all the movements is to increase the flow of Chi through the mind and body.