Qi Gong Courses and Workshops

Biodynamic Chi Kung Basics

All the workshops will include the following main themes. These will be explored as an ongoing study. The workshops primarily look at developing a sensitivity to Chi by coming into greater awareness of our physical and energetic body. Physical strength and stamina will increase through regular practice of Chi Kung along with the emergence of a deep equanimity. 

  • The Tao, Simplicity, Being Empty
  • The Dan Tien, Moving from the Dan Tien
  • The Three Treasures and Wu-Chi
  • Five Element concepts
  • Relating to the whole body and emotional states
  • Chi Kung breathing
  • Stillness in movement
  • Connecting to the Central Channels



This workshop will explore the action and importance of the Water Element. The main focus will be on flow and Jing. In this workshop we will be looking at the properties of Water found in Nature and learning how they manifest in the body.

  • Exploring flow and Jing
  • Water in Nature and how it manifests in the body
  • Looking at the Kidneys and Bladder
  • Movement forms which support the Water Element
  • Emotions and how to support them in the Water Element
  • The Bear forms explored


This workshop will explore the Fire Element and awareness of the Heart and Shen. We will look at the upward expanding energy of Fire as well as the earthy, grounded qualities found in Fire.

  • Looking at the Heart energetically and physically
  • Awareness of Shen
  • Importance of Upper Fire and Lower Fire
  • Understanding the Heart Protector and Triple Burner
  • Introduction to the relationship between Blood and Chi
  • The Bird forms will be explored


In this workshop we will explore the action and importance of Earth. We will be introducing the Support Cycle and the Control Cycle using the Five Element model as well as Five Element guidelines for Earth i.e. taste, smell, time of year, animal and colour.

  • Exploring the properties of Earth in Nature
  • Support Cycle and Control Cycle
  • Looking at Stomach and Spleen
  • Movements and forms which support the Earth Element in an effortless way
  • The Monkey forms explored


This workshop looks at Wood Element, the Element of growth and transforming stagnation. We will clarify the relationship between Wood and Harmonious Organ flow and develop the relationship between Wood and Smooth Movement. Wood creates a light delicate flow of Chi through the whole system.

  • Looking at Liver and Gall Bladder
  • Exploring forms to ensure transformation and increased Chi flow
  • Relationship between Water and Wood
  • Wood and Jing
  • Joint suppleness and muscle relaxation
  • The Deer forms explored


The workshop will explore the Element of Metal. We will be introducing External Chi fields. We will also start to see the importance of synchronizing movements and a clear awareness of boundaries.

  • Action of the Lungs and Large Intestine
  • Breathing forms
  • Strengthening Wei Chi, using Spheres, synchronising movement and awareness of boundaries
  • The Tiger forms explored
  • Lung and Skin the boundary of the body
  • Wei Chi and the Immune System

The Five Elements

The workshop will give you a sense of how the Chi flows through the fascia, muscles and skeleton affecting the body to a cellular level. This understanding will help the mind (Yi) to guide and organize the Chi flow in a more holistic manner.

  • Bring awareness to the Three Dan Tiens
  • Working with Five Element transformation
  • Looking at the Shen and Ko cycles
  • Exploring Organ sounds
  • Circle walks

Central Channels

Explore the healing principles of Chi and its unfoldment in the human system. Learn how to access the 8 central channels over four days. The forms focus on using breath and movement forms to open up the Chi flow in the central channels bringing about a deep balance. 

  • 8 Extraordinary Vessels
  • The Micro and Macrocosmic Orbits
  • Chong Mai and Opening of Heaven and Earth
  • Deep Chi Flow and Wu Chi
  • Wu Wei and Equanimity

Dragon Forms

Explore the healing principles of Chi and its unfoldment in the human system. Learn the creative Dragon Forms over four days. The forms focus on twisting and rising movements that create powerful energy flows in the body which practiced regularly lead to increased health.

  • Deepen your connection to Chong Mai
  • Experience a natural Rising Chi
  • Learn exciting Chi Kung Dragon walks
  • Strengthen the body at a core level
  • Dragon is an supernatural creature that transforms
  • Move from the depths of your system

Internal Alchemy

In this workshop we will begin to explore Nei Kung, which simply means internal work. Although it is a part of the Chi Kung family it is also a distinctly separate and a more ancient Daoist practise. Nei kung is a very highly developed internal practice, not a specific set of exercises as in Chi Kung although there are forms and exercises and movements which can seem similar. Nei Kung is a life long practice of continual refinement and development. This workshop will give you a foundation for this discipline.  At a basic level Nei Kung will strengthen the body, the immune system and the mind.  When that has been achieved the more refined spiritual practices (the Shen) can be explored.

  • Daoist breathing techniques, meditation
  • Transformation of the Three Treasures – Jing Chi Shen
  • Opening the Energy Gates
  • The Great Celestial Movement
  • Universal Consciousness

Internal and External Fields

Connect more powerfully to your Chi field, discover its composition and learn ways of making Chi quicken and move more deeply through it. Looking at ways of using Chi Kung therapeutically to heal others. Healing skills will be developed to encourage the movement of Chi in others leading to greater consciousness and health.

  • Chi Field orientation
  • Transmutation of your Chi into Healing Chi
  • Deep Internal External Flows
  • Moving Chi in the Field
  • Opening up to a Universal Field